Mistress Susan Mystery Series



Fatal Fitness: A Whip of Luxury Mystery by Mistress Susan

On Sale: October 8, 2015 - Amazon Kindle – $2.99

Contact: Mistress Susan at susan@savionaire.com and follow the mystery series on Twitter @whipofluxury.

Atlanta, GA-Halloween 2011 – Hey There, Nasty Boy!TM What do you do if you are a 46-year old southern girl-cum-uptown girl who is heavily into debt and has no way of paying your mounting bills? Naturally, you moonlight as a phone sex operator who receives luxury gifts and money from high end clients. Susan Masters thought she did everything right by getting her graduate degree and moving to the Big Apple from Atlanta to make it BIG! Nobody told her that living on the Upper East Side comes at a steep price…you have pay to play! When being a personal trainer to Upper East Side housewives is not enough to pay her bills and get out of massive debt, she begins moonlighting as Mistress Susan, a phone sex operator for high end clientele.

Susan eventually starts making enough money to maintain her on-the-go luxury lifestyle. Life is good until Frank Pennington, a wealthy real estate developer and the husband of one of her clients, is murdered, The police suspect Frank’s wife Linda, but Susan believes the killer is one of Frank’s many girlfriends or unscrupulous business associates. 

Eventually, Susan enlists Marcel Auclair, her masculine, gay roommate, to help her solve the murder. Their journey takes them through the world of high society, organized crime, and the BDSM underground scene. Along the way, Susan has to deal with her feelings for Angelo Maldone. She and Angelo are platonic friends, but they battle with controlling their feelings for each other because Angelo is married.

Mistress Susan Classified Ad:

Hey There, Nasty Boy!TM Are you tired of calling phone sex hotlines with the promise of being able to speak to a smart, sexy, sophisticated lady but end up hanging up feeling unsatisfied? It’s time to connect with a Whip of Luxury who offers phone liaisons to an intellectual clientele: attorney, banker, auto dealer, chef, executive, financial advisor, media mogul, middle-level manager, military officer, physician, professor, retired professional, and stockbroker.

I’m sophisticated, stylish, smart, and sensual. Therefore, I always look my best when I leave my flat in 4-inch heels, a fitted skirt, black lacy bikini panties, garter belt and stockings, and a cashmere top.

I hold a master’s degree, and I’m very well-read, whether it is reading the Wall Street Journal in the morning or winding down at night with Cigar Aficionado while drinking 18-year old Scotch. I enjoy the finer things in life…inconspicuous luxury is my middle name. I’m not for the masses. I’m strictly for the intellectual gentleman with a discerning taste for phone liaisons, not just phone sex.

I’m very discrete. I specialize in: Drinking & Smoking Fetish, Erotic Stories, Exhibitionism/Voyeurism, Girlfriend Experience, Guided Masturbation, Intellectual Conversation, Lingerie Fetish, Mature Clientele (40 – 75 years old), Oral, Manual, & Sacred Spot Stimulation, Sexual Mind Games, Shoe/Boot/Foot Fetish, and Tie, Tickle & Tease.

My goal is to provide you with a plethora of pleasures. I’m not satisfied if you are not satisfied. Sensuality starts and ends with the mind, however, stimulating conversation is underrated. I want to excite your mind and senses, as well as your body, which will lead to a highly intense and pleasurable orgasm like a Whip of Luxury.


About the Author

Mistress Susan has always loved reading mysteries and writing from a young age. In 2002, she moved to New York City and eventually started working on her first mystery novel. In 2011, she unshelved her cozy mystery and rewrote it as a series with a luxury theme. Mistress Susan balances her time between being the publisher and editor of Whip of Luxury and writing her next mystery.